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DrBen.Net & Staff - Short History:
"Doc" Ben Nijhoff , MD
CEO - Founder / Editor in Chief / Photographer + Reporter China

Location : Groningen, The Netherlands / Beijing , PRC or traveling
Languages : English, Dutch, German ( Deutsch )

As described in this and other sections of the DrBen.Net website, DrBen is the founder, creator, main Manager as well as Editor in Chief of DrBen.Net and its main Online Publication - The Asia Report (Published at url: http://www.chinareport.com).
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DrBen.Net was founded in November of the Year 2002 AD by eager traveler, trail blazer, adventurer, amateur historian, ardent China Buff and Chinese Culture Enthusiast, Ben Nijhoff (a.k.a. DrBen) from Groningen in The Netherlands.
Initially, the Creation of this Site was a One Man job, consisting of a multitude of tasks. There was the gathering of source books, dvds and maps, the choice of equipment, the arduous job of the financing of these expensive items as well as the costs of lengthy stays and travels in China. Then there were long walks throughout a City (Beijing) twice as large as London, documenting it all in 10 thousands of Photos (See Photo Galleries), a task which was followed by the processing of everything, studying of sources and the selecting of photos to be combined in one giant artist-like creation.
Last but not least: there was the important task of selecting and gaining the proper domain names necessary for effective "Online Projection" of the Results.
The China Report Staff in 2009 AD :
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Eversince the Year 2002, with the Internet under rapid development DrBen has
been hard at work to lay down a basic website for our visitors and users.
Originally publishing work under the domain names The Beijing Report.com and BeijingReport.com DrBen.Net was focusing its effort on documenting the historic treasures of the rapidly changing Capital City of the Peoples Republic of China at Beijing. Starting from these initial activities, over the years The Beijing Report has developed into a rough but ready guide to the Main Sights, Monuments and Scenic Spots of Beijing, available online to any user in the world at any time, for any purpose.
With the Task of Fully Describing the City of Beijing still under completion, DrBen.Net Media Company (The Netherlands) was established in the Year 2006 AD with already larger ambitions.

Striving to do more with an already proven concept, DrBen.Net Media Company activities since 2006 AD have included the addition of more and better Domains in order to publish Reports on Landmarks and Monuments throughout the entire Nation of China (PRC), publishing under the name The China Report at www.ChinaReport.com. New Cities have been visited and documented, among which the Cities of: Xi'An in Shaanxi Province, Datong in Shanxi Province, Luoyang in Henan Province, Chengde in Hebei Province, and the Cities and Towns of Lanzhou, JiaYuGuan and Dunhuang in Gansu Province.

Soon, DrBen.Net and The China Report will enter a New Year coinciding with a New Phase of Development. For this Purpose, the DrBen.Net staff will be expanded in February of the Year 2009 AD (Spring Festival !), with the addition of a true professional Management for our E-Commerce Activities and DrBen.Net  Online Store. Striving not only to inform Travelers and to show the Beauty of Chinese Culture and Treasures to the World, DrBen.Net can now further serve as an intermediary for products and advertising, striving to provide our Visitors, Fans and Users with additional products to satisfy their curiosity on Chinese Subjects.
Between the founding Year of 2002 AD and the current Year of 2008 AD, DrBen.Net and The China Report were mainly a one person project, created, invented, constructed and financed by DrBen himself and layed down in the Publications and Photos of DrBen.Net. With a a New Year approaching, doubled visitor numbers, much increased numbers of pages, and the establishment of an initial business success and revenues in the Year 2008, DrBen.Net is looking towards a pleasant, bright, interesting and promising new Year of 2009.
Functions: Main Writer, Photographer and Editor-in-Chief at Asia Report.
General overall Manager and CEO of DrBen.Net Company. In charge of source finding, domain aquisitions, general creative management.

Web-Site - Personal Section of Doc Ben at www.DrBen.Net / E-Mail Drben@Drben.Net
Always striving  to do as much as possible, as soon as possible (in order to beat the competition!)- in the New Year DrBen.Net Media Company and with it ChinaReport.com will be looking to improve upon its Business Presentation as well as Performance.
As described in the: Year 2009 DrBen.Net Mission Statement,
our Focusses will be two Fold :
1) Our First Focus will be the improvement of virtually all aspects of our E-Commerce Activities as currently mainly represented by our DrBen.Net Online Store.
For this very purpose DrBen.Net has hired a Chinese/Dutch Professional Management in the person of Miss Rose Wang.
Starting February 2009 AD, Miss Wang will be dedicated to the re-organization of the DrBen.Net Online Store, the expansion of products on offer, the establishment of contacts with new Business Partners, and all other important aspects of E-Commerce at DrBen.Net.

2) Naturally, DrBen.Net will continue with its Publications under the name and Domain of China Report.
In 2009 AD, DrBen and Staff will once more Tour through China in search of the best photos and the correct travel information on the most interesting, charming and exciting destinations, and more for our visitors and viewers.
With the Activation of a Professional General Management on E-Commerce, in 2009 AD DrBen will have more Time on his hands, which will no doubt -in large parts- be dedicated to the Publishing of further Photos and Reports on the Nation of China, The Peoples Republic.
The DrBen.Net & China Report Staff Members & Details :
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