Culture of Modern China
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China's Art and Culture
China - 5000 Years
Cultural History of China
5000 Years Online Exhibition
Peking Opera and Kunqu
History of Islam in China and the Spread of Islam in China, by China
Overview of the Introduction and Spread of Islam in China
Chinese Arts & Culture in General
F4 - Popular Chinese Boygroup
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Museum of the Cultural Revolution
Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution
Posters from The Cultural Revolution
Visual arts & cultural memory
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Religion in China
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Chinese Cinema and Film
A Growing list of Interesting Chinese Films & their Reviews
Modern Art and Contemporary Art in China
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The Red Gate Contemporary Art Gallery at the South-East Corner Watchtower
Beijing - Red Gate Gallery
Beijing - Courtyard Gallery
To the Courtyard Modern Art Gallery at Beijing's City Centre
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Red Gate Gallery Digital Tour , by The Beijing Report
Red Gate Gallery Online Bibliography of Sources
, by The Beijing Report
The Red Gate Contemporary Art Gallery Online Sources
Walk around the Red Gate Tower and visit the Gallery
A growing sources Page dedicated to Chinese Films and Films with China or Chinese History and Culture as a subject. Among these historical Drama's such as Alberto Bertolucci's Oscar Winning "The Last Emperor" based upon the autobiography "From Emperor to Citizen" by Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi, lesser know masterpieces such as "The Burning of Imperial Palace" and "Reign Behind a Curtain", featuring the Latter Days of the declining Ching Dynasty..
Modern Chinese Film and Cinema are also Highlighted - featuring a range of Films -
such as Sony's Epic "Beijing Bicycle", and internationally renowned films among which "Raising the Red Lantern" (Based upon the Chinese Novel)  and "Not One Less". Modern Additions are "The Little Chinese Seemstress" about Cultural Revolution affairs and "The Blue Kite". A growing range of other films and their reviews are added monthly. For more and detailed information and reviews of chinese films , please visit the Chinese Cinema and Film Source Page.
More information on the Folk-Art of Peking Opera ( and Kunqu )
Peking Opera, made famous in the West by the legendary Peking Opera star Mister Mei Lanfang is a very colorful kind of Folk and Stage-Art. The History of Peking Opera goes back over a 1000 years to ancient Chinese feudal society in which Peking Opera was the way of communication for the common people and their way to find out about History, news and Culture. Peking Opera, a classic art, lives on today in performance, song and the Hearts of the People.
Mister Mei Lanfang, 1920's Opera Star, famous for his Female Roles and special moves.
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Buddhist Art at Xian's Tranquil Great Goose Pagoda & Temple.
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The WanFung Contemporary & Modern Chinese Art Gallery,DongCheng, Beijing
Beijing - Wanfung Gallery (at Imperial Library)
Beijing - East Gallery (at DeshengMen)
To the East Gallery at DeshengMen Watchtower & Gate
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The Rich Chinese Tea Culture - More Information and Sources coming Soon!
Tea and Tea Culture in China
* Everything to know about Chinese tea, or at least a through but pleasant introduction to Chinese Tea Culture,
Tea varieties, classing and more !
By Chinese-Tea.Net
Chinese Tea.Net
English Language
* Introduction to Tea Culture. Even more information on Chinese Tea, the best most famous and time honored brands, tea areas, etc.
Chinese Tea Culture Introduction
English Language
* Introduction to YiXing Tea Pots by none other than the dedicated website. History of Yixing Tea Pots, how to use them, clean them,etc. By Fun
YiXing Tea Pots !
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Beijing - China Visual Art Center
Address: No.1 Artistic Area, Hegezhuang Village, Cuigezhuang Town, Chaoyang District Beijing 100103
To the Latest Gallery in ChaoYang
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Main Exhibition - Huntington Archive of Buddhist related Art
Posters from The Cultural Revolution
Islam in China - Influential Articles on Islam and Islamic Affairs in China by IslamAwareness.Net
Overview of Influential Articles on Islam in China
Posters of the Cultural Revolution
* Ethnic Minorities in China
An overview of the Chinese Minorities
* Overview Listing of Ethnic Minorities in China and their Cultures and Backgrounds, by China.Org.Cn
All Details on the 56 Minorities in China.
History of Islam in China during the Ching Dynasty, by China
Overview of the Introduction and Spread of Islam in China between 1644 AD and 1911 AD
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