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Ethnic Groups of Dornogovi Province :
Highlights, Monuments and Scenic sites of Dornogovi Province
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History of Dornogovi Province :
Main Railways and Highways in Dornogovi Province :
Economy of Dornogovi Province :
Climate in Dornogovi Province :
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There is no information available on the economy of Dornogovi Province.
Dornogovi Province or Dornogovi Aimag is a Province of South-West Mongolia. It borders on the Peoples Republic of China in the South. Neighboring Provinces (Aimags) and Nations are in clockwise direction - Dundgovi Province in the West, Tov Province and the Capital Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia in the North-West, Khentii Province in the North, Sükhbaatar Province to the North-East, and the large expanses of the Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region of China to the south-east, south and south-west.

The Topography of Dornogovi Province can general be seen as follows - the Capital City of Sainshand (Buyant-Uhaa) lies in the center of the Province.

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Introduction to Dornogovi Province (Дорноговь аймаг) of Mongolia
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Dornogovi Province of Mongolia
Capital of Dornogovi Province - Sainshand (Сайншанд)
Surface Area / Size - 109.472.30 square kilometers
Population - 57 thousand 733 (2009)
Sainshand - No information available.
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Main Rivers and Waterways of Dornogovi Province :
Main Cities & Population Centres of Dornogovi Province :
The Capital City of the Dornogovi Aimag is the town of Sainshand (Сайншанд) also known as Buyant-Uhaa, which is in essence a group of heavy industrial settlement rather than a real town.  It is located in the eastern Gobi desert steppe, and is one of the stations on the Trans-Mongolian Railway. The city has a population of around 19,548 (2006), down from the around 25.000 souls counted in the year 2000 census.

Sainshand sum territory consisits of 5 bag(communes). Bags ##1,2,3 are creating city main part Övör (Southern), bag #4 is Ar (Northern) part, bag #5 is remote (46 km S from city main part) settlement Züünbayan. Otherwise the main section of Sainshand can be divided into North and South. The Northern and Southern parts of Sainshand Town are sperated from eachother by a set of Low Hills.
The Southern part has the largest population and is home to the Dornogovi Aimag Provincial Authorities and their offices, and are thus considred th downtown area. Some 12,687 lived there when estimated at the end of 2006 AD. Since, the population has slightly risen, reaching 13,463 at the end of 2008. As the trek from the drying countryside to the City continues and oil and mining activities increase, sainshand is bound to slowly grow.

Within the Sainshand sum, the Züünbayan bag (District) is nearly strictly an oil production settlement. It is located well away from the North and South Districts, at some 46km to the South. Its population of oil-workers and engineers is around 2000. Naturally, a railway line connects the oil workers district of he railway line connects Züünbayan to the Sainshand station on the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

The restored Buddhist monastery Khamariin Khiid (Khamar) is an hour south, and Sainshand itself houses a museum to the nineteenth century monastic and literary figure Danzanravjaa, a prominent leader of the Nyingma (Red Hat) school of Tibetan Buddhism.
There is no information available on the History of Dornogovi Province.
The trans-mongolian railway runs through Dornogovi Province, coming from Ulaanbataar in the North-West to stop at Sainshand, and continuing to the Chinese Border at Barhoyn Tal and Erenhot.
Read More in: Ethnic Minorities of Dornogovi Province.
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Bulgan, Capital of Bulgan Aimag
Sainshand (also:Buyant-Uhaa), Capital of Dornogovi Aimag
Öndörkhaan also Ondorhaan, Capital of Khentii Aimag
Choibalsan, Capital of Dornod Aimag
Russian / Eluosi
Ulaanbaatar, Capital of the Republic of Mongolia
Dalanzadgad, Capital of Omnogovi Aimag
Bayankhongor, Capital of Bayankhongori Aimag
Altai, Capital of Govi-Altaii Aimag
Olgii, Capital of Bayan-Olgii Aimag
Ulaangom, Capital of Uvs Aimag
Khovd or Khobo, also: Duund Us, Capital of Govi-Altaii Aimag
Mandalgovi, Capital of Dundgovi Aimag
Baruun-Urt, Capital of Sükhbaatar Aimag
Sükhbaatar, Capital of Selenge Aimag
Arvaiheer, Capital of Övörkhangai Aimag
Manzhouli, Hulunbuir League, Inner Mongolia AR, China (P.R.C.)
Hailar, Capital of Hulunbuir League, Inner Mongolia AR, China (P.R.C.)
Choir, Capital of Govisümber Aimag
Mörön, Capital of Khövsgöl Aimag
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Ulan-Ude (Russian: Ула́н-Удэ́; Buryat: Улаан-Үдэ, Ulaan-Üde), Capital of the Buryatia Republic, Siberian Federal District, Russian Federation.
Borzya (Борзя or Borzyń) also Soorj, Zabaykalsky Krai, Siberian Federal District, Russian Federation.
Naushki (Наушки), Buryatia Republic, Siberian Federal District, Russian Federation.
Chifeng, Capital of Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia AR, China (P.R.C.)
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