Hotels in Bulgan & Bulgan Sum
Currently there is no information available on the ethnic groups within Bulgan City and District (Sum).

For more information please refer to: Ethnic Minorities of Bulgan Aimag (Province).
Ethnic Minorities in Bulgan City & Sum
Learn More about the Ethnic Nationalities in Bulgan
Bulgan Today :
History of Bulgan:
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The Bulgan Report
Introduction to Bulgan (Булган)
Bulgan Landmarks & Monuments
Bulgan City & Area Maps
Location : 20°02′34 North, 110°20′30 East
Elevation : --No information available--
Surface Area:
There is no Basic information available on Bulgan at this Time.
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Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in and around Bulgan
There is no information available on the landmarks and Monuments of Bulgan City at this Time.
Public Transport in Bulgan
Main Railroad Station of Sanya - Photos and Introduction
There is no Railway Station available in Bulgan.
National Airport at Bulgan - More information
Complete Listing of available Hotels in Bulgan, Bulgan Aimag, Republic of Mongolia
Bulgan has NO Railroad Station but a fully modern National Airport.
Bulgan National Airport is located near Bulgan City.
Bulgan, Bulgan aimag (UGA)—Flights of MIAT Mongolian International Airlines
There is no information available on the history of Bulgan City.
To find out more information on the history of Bulgan City & Bulgan Sum, go to: ′History of Bulgan Aimag (Province)′.
There is no information available on life in current Bulgan in Bulgan Aimag.
Find out the Details in the History of Haikou
There are few small local hotels in Bulgan aimag, most of which are found in the town of Bulgan.
Much to your surprise major hotels offer pretty much the same as everywhere else, that is a room with a bed, with TV, toilet and washbasin.  Showers or baths are rare, especially outside the Capital City. Only the luxury rooms have a private bathroom and shower.
Cheaper rooms qualified as standard rooms are available with a shared bathroom.

Most Hotels have their own in-house restaurant with good food, beer and drinks and are located near stores and other important spots.
There is no information available on the climate and weather in Bulgan City.
For more information refer to: Bulgan Aimag (Province).
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Airport : Bulgan National Airport
There are no Maps available on Bulgan City and District at this Time.
Bulgan City & Sum Maps
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This page was last updated on: May 10, 2017
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Please make use of the below Google supported map of the Republic of Mongolia, including all locations of interest to travelers in Bulgan, Hadasan and Bulgan Aimag in General.
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