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Welcome to the Koreas Report, the growing Online Digital Report on the Nations of Korea , North Korea (DPRK), South Korea (ROK) and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of China (P.R.C.). The Korea Report brings you un-precendented photo-series (25.000+ photos ) on a growing number of Korean Landmarks , plus some hot-spots and odd-spots from around the Korean Peninsula and its Provinces. Our Photo-Tours combine with Maps of all Landmarks & All Districts and a pleasant, but true and informing text, researched in-debt and completed by online resources, book tips, Hotel Bookings and Reviews and an evergrowing Korea Best Photos Gallery for your convenience, Korea Report gives you a uniquely detailed view of- , insight in- and tour through the Koreas. Please enjoy our Free Presentation of this Friendly and Interesting Peoples. The Korea Report brings new photos and information on a weekly basis.
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