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China Report - Map Yuan Dynasty Mongol Empire in Time 1206 AD - 1294 AD
A Schematic Map of the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan (TeMuJin) and descendants through its several stages of conquest in its short but Impressive Existance in History. Timeline depicts the Mongol Conquest starting in the Year 1206 AD, when Genghis Khan first united the Mongol-Turkic Tribes of Mongolia and Lake BayKal becoming Great Khan. The Timeline continous through the year 1219 AD, the year 1223 AD taking Transoxiania, 1227 AD, 1237 AD when the Northern Jin Dynasty of China was annihilated, 1259 AD conquering ancient China above the Jiangste River and 1279 AD when all of China was taken and the Yuan Dynasty Established under the Kublai Khan. Last is the Year 1294 AD when the Mongol Empire reached its largest geographical size and Zenith, 22% of world land area, but through lack of central leadership and over-expansion fragmented into 4 large parts, then imploded upon itself.
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View the Land & Maritime Silk Road (of the Yuan Dynasty Era)
Asia Report - Map Trade Routes in Asia in the 13Th Century
A Schematic Map of the Eurasian Trade Routes existing in the 13Th Century. Clearly marked in Red Accent on the Map are the cities of the network of land-bound trading routes through Central Asia known as the Silk Road (the path of Marco Polo and others). Marked in Blue Accent are the Main Ports and Harbors of the Maritime Trade Routes that operated between the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and Coastal Cities, the Straights of Malacca, the South-China Sea's and beyond. As shown Maritime Trade to China mainly entered through Southern Harbors, then was distributed internally by use of the Grand Canal, the Yangste River and the Yellow River.
Map includes the Route travelled by Marco Polo, William of Rubruck and John of Pian de Carpine, the three famed European Travelers of the Time.
Locations of Main Trading Ports and Cities on Trade Routes of the Time are marked.
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China Report - Map of Ancient Asian Empires and Tribes in Asia 565 AD
An overview Map of Asia Entire clearly dmarkating the Territories, Nations and Tribal Area's of the Continent in the year 565 AD. Japan is split between the Yamato Kingdom and Emishi. In Korea three Kingdoms Rule among which the largest Goguryeo. China is split in a Northern Dynasty of the Qi, and a Southern Dynasty of the Chen.
While in the Far west the Qi Empire stretches as far West as Dunhuang, the Silk Road is temporarily blocked by the unification of Mongol Tribes in the Gokturk Khanate and the appearance of the smal XiYe City State in the Tarim River Basin.
Asia Report - Koreas - Historic Map : Koreas in 1953 AD
A  historic geographic Map dated to the year 1953 AD, the year of the Armistice in the Korean War that is still in force today.
This Geographic Map depicts the entire Korean Peninsula and parts of neighboring regions of Shandong Province, Liaoning Province and Jilin Province of China (P.R.C.), Primorky Krai Province of the Russian Federation and last Japan. Included on the Map are main Cities, Towns and villages, main road, connections, railroads and sites of historic or other interests.
Browse the map to explore the historic situation at the end of the Korean War (1951 - Armistice 1953) and the connections between Liaoning Province and Jilin Province of The Peoples Republic of China and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea).
Click and follow the links to further information, photos and maps.

Map under Development : use the raw Map , or check back Later !!
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Asia Report - Colonialism - Growth of Colonies & Japan after 1801 AD
A Map drawing of the Eurasian continent , parts of North-East Africa and the Middle East in the 19Th Century between 1801 AD and 1900 AD. Focal points are the expansion of western colonial posessions of Portugal, Britain and France, as well as  Russia moving from West to East. Labeled seperately is the later Rise of the Empire of Japan in the East.
Included in this Map are the main cities across the continent with their brief histories and events during the 19Th Century. Marked in Colors for clarity are the various colonial and imperialist Nations. As relating to China; special attention is payed to so called Treaty Ports. The First Treaty Ports were forced open by Britain in the year 1841 AD, but counted over 80 in total by the end of the 19Th Century. The most important Treaty Ports in China are marked and described with a short history where the map allows. Follow the links for more information on each location and subject.
Map China and Far East Colonies after 1801 AD
Asia Report - Colonialism - China Coastal Prov., Korea & Japan in 1945 AD
An accurate Geographic Map of the East Asian Coastal Regions of China (Republic), the Korean Peninsula, the Japanese Islands and associated Regions in the Year 1945 AD. At that Time large parts of Manchuria and Inner Mongolia remained under Japanese Occupation as part of the created State of Manchukou, while Korea was actually annexed and to be fully included as a Province of Japan.
Included in this Map are the main cities across the Chinese Coastal Regions, the Korean Peninsula and Islands with their names of 1945 and present day. Marked in Colors for clarity are the various colonial and imperialist Nations.
Included in the Map are Main Cities, Towns and Villages, sections of the Great Wall of China as well as main road connections, railroads, current day sites of tourist interest as well as some of the North Korean ethnic minority villages on the Sino-Korean Border.
Map of China Coastal Regions, Korea & Japan in 1945.
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Asia Report - Colonialism - Geographic Map of Korea in 1945 AD
Enlarged Map Section taken from Map of East China Coastal Regions, Korea and Japan in 1945.
An accurate Geographic Map of the Korean Peninsula and immediate bordering regions of China, Russia (U.S.S.R.) and Japan in the Year 1945 AD. At that Time large parts Korea was actually annexed and in the proces of becoming fully integrated as a Province of Japan.
Included in this Map are the main cities across the Chinese beighboring regions of Liaoning and Kirin (Jilin), the Korean Peninsula and Islands with their names of 1945 and present day.
Browse the Map to find Main Cities, Towns and Villages, as well as main road connections, railroads and rivers.

Map under Construction - More Details will be published here when Editing of Map is Completed.
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China Report - Historic Map:
Triangle Tieling, Changchun, Harbin, Mudanjiang, Vladivostok
This Historic Map from the year 1905 AD gives a detailed overview of the Manchurian Regions in the triangle between the South Manchurian Railway (along which situated the Chinese cities of Harbin, Changchun, etc) and the Russian port of Vladivostok.
For reference included in this Map are the main
cities of the region marked in Colors to clarify the different nationalities and territories. Rivers, Mountains and other geographic features are marked where possible. Click through for more information on each location.
Map of Korea and Japan in 1815 AD
This simplified and dated geographic Map provides a complete overview of Korea in the year 1815.
The hand-drawn Map provides a rough sense of the relief and terrain in this mountainous country, color coding the various provinces and territories within both nations at the time and roughly delineating their borders. Unfortunately, the quality of the map image in most cases does not allow for the distinction of names of towns and villages even though these are included in the map.
Neighboring nations and regions of Korea are in clockwise direction; Chinese Qing Dynasty held Manchuria along the East and North, a Part of Russian dominated lands in current Primorsky Krai Oblast in the North-East and North, across the Sea of Japan (East Sea) the island nation of Japan in the East and South-East and finally, not depicted on this map across the Yellow Sea, Hebei and Shandong Provinces of China (PRC) in the West and North-West.
Asia Report - Korea - Historic Map of Korea & Japan in 1815 AD
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Map History - Schematic Asia - Russia China Britain Great Game 1900 AD
A Schematic Map of Historical East Asia at around the year 1900 AD and the turn into the 20Th Century.
Although the Manchu ruled Qing Dynasty Empire had previously conquered large parts of East Asia, including much of Korea, parts of current day Siberia, most of Mongolia, East Turkestan, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and other tribal lands while subjecting Tibet to a subjugary role nominally ruled for its taxes but yet remote and inaccessible behind its mountainous walls, at the turn of the 20th Century the outer regions of the Qing Empire have been eroded away, much of the north and west increasingly under Russian control while in the south and along the coast Britons and others had fought their way into the Chinese Realm. Notably, Korea has been annexed by Japan and Tibet is shown as a de facto independent territory. Tibet will be invaded by Britain in 1901 AD and will declare Independence not long there after at the fall of the Manchu Dynasty and the end of Manchu rule over
China but also Mongolia and Manchuria in 1911 AD.  Other groups such as Mongolians, Kazakhe and Kyrgyz will likewise attempt to reestablish their National independence after the fall of the Manchu Empire.
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