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The Shihezi Report
Introduction to Shihezi (石河子 ; شىخەنزە)
Shihezi Landmarks & Monuments
Shihezi City & Area Maps

Shihezi is the northernmost city in China's Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region situated underneath Altay Mountains. It is an ancient Silk Road Oasis City with a Long History.
Founded no ... Ancient Silk Road
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Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in and around Shihezi
A Full listing of Shihezi Landmarks, Monuments, Hotspots and other sites of importance in alphabetical order. Search through the list to find your Full Report and Photo-Virtual Tour of each monument or landmark within the City, or Region of Shihezi in Xinjiang-Uygur AR of China (PRC).
Shihezi Railway Station
Main Railroad Station of Urumqi - Photos and Introduction
The Main and only Railway Station of Altay, located due .....
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Complete Listing of available Hotels in Shihezi, Xinjiang AR, China (PRC).
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Turpan - Turpan in Xinjiang-Uygur was under Chinese Control by 90 AD, at the very latest. Although incursions by vengeful Nomadic Tribes would threaten and conquer Kashgar and Turpan several Times, Turpan would return to Chinese Rule or Dominance. Today Turpan lies in Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, due South-East of Urumqi.
Main Airfield at Aksu - More information
Main Airfield at Urumqi - More information
A Full Google Earth Supported Map of Shihezi

View - Mastermap of Asia (entire). in a larger map
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This page was last updated on: May 29, 2017
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