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Chinese News & Press Agencies, Press releases  and Statements :
* Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peoples Republic of China
Chinese Foreign Affairs Minstry
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NewsPapers & Press
Todays news about China, Online -
The Virtual Museum of China in 1989
Chinese Big5 /English   Language !
Gate of Heavenly Peace Documentary & Background Info
Chinese Big5 /English   Language !
Communism & China :
Cultural Revolution 1965 - 1976 :
* The Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution    (1966-1976)
At Tiananmen Square 1989 :
* The Gate of Heavenly Peace -
  the Controversial Documentary Online website
Turmoil in China as a whole 1989:
* The Virtual Museum of China '89
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Note: The China Report does not necessarily subscribe to any or all of the views expressed on the webpages we are linked to.
In my opion readers are entitled to well-established information from multiple sources and sides , but
readers should always form their own opinions.
Note: www.TheChinaReport.com does not necessarily subscribe to any or all of the views expressed on the webpages we are linked to. In my opion readers are entitled to well-established information from multiple sources and sides , but readers should always form their own opinions.
Communism in General :
* The China Communist Party , official website
* Come Join the Party ! - All about the Chinese Communist Party
  Extensive Non-governemental website on the CCP
Come Join the Party !
Mao Tse Tung - Biography
Chairman Mao Tse Tung :
* Bioraphy of Mao Tse Tung
  by the Washington State University
Mao Tse Tung - Sayings
* Sayings of Chairman Mao (Tse Tung)
  by www.zhongwen.com
Chinese Big5 !
Mao Tse Tung - Internet Library
* The Mao Tse Tung Internet Library
Mao Tse Tung - Reference Archive
* The Mao Zedong Reference Archive
  by www.marxist.org
Chinese Big5 !
Li Peng stepdown !!
English   Language !
* Li Peng Stepdown !! -
  anti-leadership website denouncing Li Peng for the 
  Tiananmen massacre
Tianmen '89 by ChristusRex.org
English   Language !
* Tiananmen , April - June 1989
  website by www.christusrex.org
  a Christian Human Rights Organisation
* The Maoist Documentation Project - www.maoism.org
* Historical Documents from the Communist Party of China
Historical Documents from the CCP
* Modern China - The Chinese Communist Party
  - History of , by the Washington State University, also  
* World Civilizations - an internet clasroom and Anthology
World Civilizations by the Washington State University
The Chinese Communist Party - history
* China's Communist Party - 80 Years of Power
  a CNN In-Depth Special
* From the Selected works of Mao Tse Tung -
  The Chinese Revolution and The Chinese Communist Party
Chinese Revolution & the China CP by Chairman Mao
* Manifesto of the Communist Party
  by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
Marx & Engels-Manifesto of the Communist Party
* The Role of The Chinese Communist Party coming to an End
  article from The Voice , july 2000.
  The Brookings Institution, Washington D.C. , USA at www.brook.edu
Article: Role of China CP coming to end
* The Communist Party of China
  by wikipedia
  - The Free Encyclopedia at www.wikipedia.org
Communist Party of China info
80 Years of Power - CNN Special on China CP
Short Political Biography with Focus on Political Career
Chairman Deng Xiaoping :
* Asian of The century - Deng Xiaoping - "Politics and Government"
  by CNN.com-Asia Now ; T. Crowell and T. Hon Wing Polin
Profile of Chinese Leader Deng
* Deng Xiaoping Profile
  by www.who2.com
Time 100 - Deng Xiaoping Profile
* The TIME 100 , 1999 , 154th Edition , Deng Xiaoping Profile
1985 Man of The Year - Deng Xiaoping
* Deng Xiaoping - Time Man of the Year 1985
English Language !
English Language !
English Language !
* www.marxist.org - A Marxist Writers History Archive
* BBC News - China's Communist  Revolution , A Glossary
BBC China Communist Revolution
* BBC News - China 50 Years of Communism , A Special Report
BBC-China Communism 50 Years
The Life of  Deng Xiaoping
* The Life of Deng Xiaoping ,
  by Chinese Business World - www.cbw.com
Chinese Big5 / English Language !
Deng Xiaoping Selected Works
* Selected works of Deng Xiaoping ,
  by The People's Daily Online
English Language !
Communism 50 Years, The Monitor
* 50 Years of Communist China
  By The Monitor at www.csmonitor.com
English Language !
* Deng Xiaoping's Economic Reformation
Deng Xiaoping -Economic Reforms
English Language !
* Chinese Cultural Revolution
  by Hanna Hong (student), at Washington State University
Hanna Hong' view of The  Cultural Revolution and China' Past
D.Berger -passage from larger pice on Propaganda and Cultural Revolution
* Power, Propaganda in Communist China
  by D. Berger, Harvard for www.cyberessays.com
English Language !
* Bioraphy of Mao Tse Tung (1893 - 1976 AD)
  by B.B.C. "How to get to" at
Mao Tse Tung - Biography by BBC
English Language (except audio ) !
* The People's Republic of China and her Founder
  by blueprintmagazine, Wolfgang Wiesner
Little Info, Very Nice: recording of Mao declaring the People's Republic!!! Original Recording 1949
Subjects -
Communism in China :
English Language !
* www.drben.net - China Report - Beijing
  -Beijing Underground City - Backgrounds on Cultural  Revolution Era
A Return to The Cultural Revolution and China's Past
Cultural Revolution Era Poster: " We Must Uphold Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought ! "
Slogan's are still widely used to motivate the Public in China Today.
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The most famous and widely used photo of Mao, taken by american journalist Edgar Snow at Pao An, Shensi Province in 1936. Mao, who never liked wearing hats, is wearing Snows five pointed hat just for the occasion.
English Language !
Learn more about the revolution and the communist party
* www.drben.net - DrBen - Collections
  -A Collection of Chinese Communist Era Souvenirs, with explanations
* From the Peoples Friendship Studies-series  -  A series of books
  written exclusively by Foreigners and now republished to highlight
  the early years Chinese Communist Revolution, their travels with
  involved parties and their observations of the facts of the conflicts in
  China, from Boxer Rebellion to a Nixon Ping-Pong Diplomacy.
- No longer Available from The China Report Online Store -
Famed Books on the Chinese Revolution , from The Peoples Friendship Society with Foreign Countries
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An old rickshaw reminds of old times while crossing through traffic at QianMen Avenue south of chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Mausoleum in Beijing.
English Language !
* www.drben.net - China Report - Beijing
  -Zheng Yici Theatre - On Peking Opera & Cultural  Revolution Era
A Return to the Last Remaining Original Peking Opera Podium in Beijing !
A United Comunist National Front ? An idealized portrait of Josef Stalin & Mao Zedong as posing together. In reality, the Chinese & Russian communist movements split very early (1930's), as the Chinese under Leadership of Mao (& Zhou Enlai) insisted on following their own Line, instead of becoming Soviet stooges. A line that has become known as Communism or Socialism-with-Chinese-Caracteristics.
Soundbonus - Historic - Chairman Mao Korean War Armastice speech 1956.
Click to for information on MaoZedong's Former Beijing Home North of the Bell-Tower
Mao Zedong Former Home, DongCheng District, Beijing
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Click to for information on MaoZedong's Former Beijing Home North of the Bell-Tower
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Nixon in China 1972 AD :
* Nixon in China Conference, February 21, 2007. Speakers Bernard Kalb, Margaret MacMillan,. Stapleton Roy. Presider:  Terrill E. Lautz, Vice President, Henry Luce Foundation.
With Audio and Video Footage. By The Council on Foreign Relations
Historic Conference on the Nixon China Visit
* Nixon's China Visit and "Sino-US Joint Communique'".
By The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Peoples Republic of China. Date 11/17/2000 AD.
A Joint US-Chinese Communique on the Nixon Visit and Improvements in Relations since
* 1972 Nixon Visit to China. Short information on American President Nixon's 1972 Visit to Beijing and meeting with Chairman Mao.
By Wikipedia.org
Short Basic Information on the 1972 Nixon Beijing Visit
* Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.
Listing of Awardees in History. 1973: Max Frankel, New York Times, "for his coverage of President Nixon's visit to China in 1972."
By Wikipedia.org
Pulitzer Prize - 1972 Nixon Visit
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Everything about the Imperial Palace & the Last Two Dynasties !
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