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Satellite Image of North Lop Nor Basin and Kunqi River in Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China.
This Satellite Image Overview shows the Northern Lop Nor (former) Lake Basin and the inflow of its (former) feeding river, the Tarim River, via Kunqi River, into the Lake Basin.
The Lake Basin was dry on March 5Th, 1900 AD, when the Lake was reached by Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. He established it had been empty for at least 10 years at the Time. Hedin reached the Southern Basin (located to the South outside this Image), finally pinpointing the geographical location of this former Lake on the Eastern Edge of the Taklamakan Deserts in Far Western
China (P.R.C.). The Lake refilled for a number of years around 1912 AD, growing slowly from the centre, however, due to shifting of river beds by the Taklamakan Desert Sands and upstream industrial usage of water the Lake has been completely empty since at least 1930 AD. Hence, no villages or towns can be pinpointed on this Image.
Around a 1000 AD, however, this was a fertile Oasis and part of the Silk Road.
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Kunqi River Bed
Outermost Rim
Former Lop Nor Lake
- Northern Bassin
LouLan - Ruins of Lost City rediscovered 1899 AD by Sven Hedin
Lowest Point Of North Lake
Former Swamp Area
Former Swamp Area
Lowest Point - Salt Lake
Outermost Rim
Former outflow
to East
East to Dunhuang ---> (Shule River)
Kunqi River
<--- West / SW - to Taklamakan Desert
Sand Dunes of the
Taklamakan Desert
Loulan Ruins
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Soundbonus: Lop Nor de Muse , modern, Artist-unknown.
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