Fengzhen Pass in the Gobi Desert, located North out of Datong in north Shanxi Province, is the first of three outer Great Wall passes in Shanxi. The other two Passes are Ningwu Guan and Pian Guan.
The Great Wall Inner Layer through Yanmen Guan has an adjoing section leading Northward to the village of Beibu (Beibao) where it inter-connects with the Outer Layer.
Fengzhen (丰镇)
- Fengzhen Pass -
(2) Directions and Introduction -
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Great Wall of China in Shanxi Province
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The pass is located on the summit of a hill accessible only by an ancient trail which winds its way up between cliffs.
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More Sources & Backgrounds on the Great Wall in Shanxi Province !!
More Sources & Backgrounds on the Great Wall in Shanxi Province !!

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