- Red Dot designates City Historic Landmark and Virtual Photo-walk.
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This Drawn Map of Datong's City Center shows the entire Area of the Old City of Datong within the
        (earthen) City Walls and includes almost all major tourist sites and historic
                   landmarks of the Old City of Datong. The Old City itself lies North (and somewhat East) of the New City of Datong, which dates to after 1949 AD.
About the Map: As a First Note: the Drum Tower does not stand at the Center of the Map and Old City. The "Central Square" of the City is a non-distinct intersection that seems only recognizable by it's Foreign Language Bookstore, one of the two in the City (the other is located  at Renmin (Peoples) Square in the New City). From here DaXi Street leads West (Xi=West), Dadong Jie leads past the Nine Dragon Screen site to the East and DaBei Street to the North. Just North-West of Central Square, North off DaXi Street stands the Yungang International Hotel. The Drum Tower, once the heart of the Old City of Datong, stands one block due South of Central Intersection Square. Go from the Drum Tower (GuLou') further South along DaNan jie to find Shan Hua Monastery just inside the South Gate and Wall. With some luck, the City Walls are accesible here.                    
Introduction to the Overview Map of Datong Walled City (Old Center)
Jiu Long Bi - Nine Dargon Screen
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Red Flag Square, location of the Stalinist-with-Chinese-Flavor Main Post Office and part of the New City lies just outside the Former East Gate, beyond HuaYan Monastery.
This page was last updated on: June 5, 2017
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Yungang International Hotel of Datong
Jiu Long Bi - Nine Dargon Screen
Gu Lou - Drum Tower of Datong
Shan Hua Monastery
Southern City Walls of Datong
Lower HuaYan Monastery
Upper HuaYan Monastery
From Drum Tower to Lower HuaYan Monastery
Walk from 9 Dragon Screen to City South Gate & Shan Hua Monastery
Walk from Central Intersection to Drum Tower
DaXi Jie
DaDong Jie
Red Flag
Main Post Office of Datong
South Gate

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