Landmarks, Monuments & Hotspots of Yinchuan City
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Yinchuan (银川) Transportation
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The easiest mode of reaching Ningxia and Yinchuan is no doubt by Air.  A fully modern airport Hedong, services Yinchuan City. The other mode of transportation is to head up by train and enjoy some of the dramatic sceneries of the region. Train connections run from the South via Lanzhou, or from the North through the city of Baotou. High speed rail connections have not yet reached to Yinchuan.
For transportation within Ningxia, trains and cars are the best choice. Travel easily from Yinchuan to key sites in Ningxia Autonomous Region such as Zhongwei and Guyuan in the South. For ease, book a guided tour at your Hotel and get to see the main sites and monuments. For the shorter distances hire a cab to get where you need to go.
Transportation in the City of Yinchuan is all by car, Taxi, Bus or rickshaw if you can find one.  Since the most interesting section of today's Yinchuan is not to large for those who like to do their own hiking and reconnoitering everything is within easy reach. Old Yinchuan is fartly easy to navigate, especially with a good map for support.
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The Yinchuan Cathedral and Yinchuan Christian Church:
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Exterior facade of Yinchuan Hedong National Airport in the early morning.
Rockery and ..
The Main landmarks of Yinchuan City are as listed below.
Landmarks & Monuments in the vicinity of Yinchuan!
Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in and Around Yinchuan
Photos of ..
To Landmarks & Monuments of Yinchuan City
A view across Yinchuan Hedong Airfield towards the not to widely known Ganlu Temple, a Buddhist Complex featuring a spectacular 100 human characters hall.
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This page was last updated on: July 13, 2017
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