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Dawukou County, Jiucaigou Great Wall of China, location Coordinates:  39° 4′7.97″ North, 106°21′14.52″ East

In Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region there are five sections of The Great Wall of China. The first of these is the Yanchi County Great Wall of China. The others are from East to West Shuidonggou (水洞沟) (Coordinates: 38° 16′ 43.09″ North, 106°31′ 53.45″ East), Dawukou also known as Jiucai Gou (Coordinates:  39° 4′7.97″North, 106°21′14.52″ East), Sanguankou or Helan Pass (三关口长城) (Coordinates: 38°20′48.72″ North, 105°49′23.74″ East) and Songwei or Zhongwei (Coordinates: 37°31′8.21″ North, 105°10′54.41″ East).
(3) Dawukou or Juicai Gou - Directions & Introduction
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Located ..
Nearby the Dawukou / Jiucaigou Great wall are the Dawukou Forest Park and a brandnew venue, the Dawukou Water Park which is under construction.
To travel to Dawukou Great Wall directly from Yinchuan there are two options:
1) Take the train from Yinchuan northward to the Dawukou Train Station.  From there, travel by Bus to the Jiucaigou Wall, or walk out of Town to the 'Northern Great Wall'.
2)  It is also possible to travel to Dawukou by Bus. Buses to Dawukou depart from the Northern Station and from the Train Station. After reaching Dawukou by Bus, switch Buses to head to Jiucaigou, or have the hike to the North Side of Town to see the Great Wall remnants.

As mentioned, the Juicaigou Great Wall of Dawukou District can be found at some ways distance from the famed local Monastery of Wudang.

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The China Report introduced on Levels of its Online Publishing's in April of 2009, including The Great Wall of China.

Adjacent Map gives direct access to Yanchi & Great Wall by Google Earth.
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Map Great Wall China - Layers of Dynasties and Era's
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Features Pre-Qin Dynasty Wall, Qin Dynasty Wall, Western Han Great Wall of China, the (Northern) Jin Dynasty Great Wall and finally the Ming Dynasty Great Wall as mainly remains today.
Main Features are Names and locations location of Passes on the Great Wall of China, outer layer and inner layer. Includes Shanhai Pass, Huangya Guan (Yellow Cliff) Pass, JiYunGuan Pass, Ningwu Guan Pass, Pingxin Guan, YaMen Guan Pass, Pian Guan Pass, JiaYuGuan pass, YuMen Guan Pass (Jade Gate) and Yang Guan Pass.
Further included for reference are City names, geographical features of landscape and main mountain ranges. Updates occur several times a year adding new pass locations and photo-virtual tours of Passes throughout China.
population in this corner of Ningxia is fairly high with the Dawu Pass emerging in modern days as the City Of Shizuishan. Shizuishan itself is made of the Central District of Dawukou, extensive industrial zones north thereof, bordred by an abundantly irragated and cultured strecth of land along the Yellow River, with many farms and small villages.
Hangzhou, Capital of Zhejiang Province
Xian, Capital of Shaanxi Province
Beijing (Peking), Capital of China
Nanjing (Nanking), Capital of Jiangsu Province

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Jiucai Gou, or Chive Cave Great Wall can be found near the Dawukou District, one of the Three Main Urban Centers of  Shizuishan City Prefecture in the North of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The Jiucaigou Great Wall is situated at about half an hours hike from the Wudang Monastery, which is one of the two main tourist attractions of Dawukou District. Following an old river bed and hiking up a gully one reaches one of the least visited surviving sections of the Great Wall of China today. The Juicaigou Wall is but a short section of wall, much eroded and without its outer layer of stones. There are three watchtowers and only about 50 meters of wall remaining.

The Northern Great Wall was a double-layered wall with the result that several Great Wall sections are identifiable at various locations near Dawukou.
North-West of Town ..
The Great Wall in this area survived reasonably intact, although it was breeched by an earth shattering quake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale in the year 1731 AD.
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