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Jilin Province in General
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* Doing Business in Jilin - Full Data on Jilin Province with a focus on industry, commerce , agriculture and general economic facts of today. By The Ministry of Commerce, PRC, China.
Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Commerce - Jilin Province Official Data
* Jilin Travel China
  A detailed introduction to Jilin Province, with history, main scenic sites, economic backgrounds and more.
By www.China-Travels.Net
Full Introduction to Jilin Province, China
A List of all our written sources to Jilin Province & History
Most Source Books available Online from ChinaReport /DrBen.Net Online Store.
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History of Jilin Province
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* China Report - History of Jilin Province.
Very unique Historic information on the Province of Jilin with attention for early history, Korean influences, the Colonial Age, Japanese expansion, the Korean War and more.
Full History of Jilin Province - Updated regularly with latest Details!
All Sources on Changchun, Capital of  Jilin Province !!
All Backgrounds sources on Changchun, the Capital City of Jilin Province History and Monuments, tourism, etc.
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Source Book
"Jilin - Tales of Changbai Mountain"
( available from our Online Store )
* China Report - Ethnic Minorities of Jilin Province.
A Complete as possible information page with origin, history, maps, location and current situation of the Ethnic Minorities in Jilin Province today.
Full Story on the Ethnic Communities within Jilin Province !
* Basic Facts about the 155 Ethnic Minority Areas (in 2003 AD) - Official Government Page !
A China Government Official Data Page with the names, sizes and basic date on all 155 Ethnic Minority Autonomous Regions, Prefectures, Townships and Banners in the Peoples Republic of China. By China.Org.CN.
Listing of Autonomous Regions, Districts and Towns in China (PRC).
* Jilin Province description by Wikipedia.org - Renowned but not flawless self-to-edit only Encyclopedia. Their information on Jilin Province, China (PRC).
Wikipedia Jilin Province
* Jilin City description by Wikipedia.org - Renowned but not flawless self-to-edit only Encyclopedia. Their information on Jilin City, Jilin Province, China (PRC).
Wikipedia Jilin City, Jilin Province, China (PRC)
* Meteorites Stamps and Coins - Part of a Great Personal Page of a Man with a Passion for Stamps and Meteorites, Philip R. "Pib" Burns.
Pibb Burns Postal Stamps & More !
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* Jilin City - China Culture - A Short Page with Great Photographs and information on the highlights of Jilin City & Area.
Meteorites of Jilin 1976 AD !!
* A Survey of Jilin Province - A Short Page with Great Photographs on the growing of corn, and water shortages in Jilin Province. By ChinaDaily.com.cn
Development of Tourism in Jilin Province !
* Saving every drop of water to nourish the corn belt - A Lenghty overview of development in Jilin Province Tourism, Travel and entertainment. By www.jljt.gov.cn.
Backgrounds on Corn growing and Agriculture in Jilin Province !!
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