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into the annoying experience of a Chinese Tourist Death Trap. This is especially a problem during the high season.

Please use the adjacent Map of JiaYuGuan Fortress Scenic Spot to easily navigate your way around the various sections of the Report. When visiting in
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Short Introduction to The Legendary Fortress of JiaYuGuan, Western-most Point of the Ming Dynasty Era Great Wall of China
JiaYuGuan Great Wall of China - Fortress
(1) JiaYuGuan Fortress - Arrival, Gate & Parking
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      A Satellite image of China and East-Asia, with a super-imposed schematic Map of the location and Path of the Great Wall as constructed during the Reign ofthe Ming Dynasty. Included for reference are City names, geographical features
of landscape, Names and locations of Passes on the Great Wall on the Great Wall of China.
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Map of JiaYuGuan Area of Gansu Province
A rough Geographic overview Map of JiaYuGuan City and Area of West Gansu Province. Map depicts main highways and roads, JiaYuGuan Airport, main railway lines, mountains and heights, rivers and Lakes as well as main monuments & landmarks of the City & Area. Locations of the Great Wall of China in the Vicinity are included with Links to Reports with more Photos and background information on each site.
Move North along the Great Wall towards Shi Guan Pass of the Black Mountains (Hei Shan)
Overview Map of JiaYuGuan City& Area
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Enter the JiaYuGuan World Cultural Heritage Park & Site ...
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The Gate of small Park at JiaYuGuan Fortress World Cultural Heritage Site. dedicated to Hi Shen. Hi Shen was the architect, who according to Legend calculated the necessities for the construction of the Fortress down to the very last Stone. Or, that is: in the End there was 1 Stone Left !
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Map of JiaYuGuan Fortress World Cultural Heritage Site and Scenic Zone
A Map Drawing giving a complete overview of the JiaYuGuan Fortress UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and recreational Area in JaiYuGuan, Gansu Province of China.
Follow the links to navigate along each individual section of the Last Bastion on the Great Wall, and the attached Recreational Area.
In Military Terms JiaYuGuan Fortress was the Central Strong-point of a Vital Defensive Citadel that defended the Hexi Corridor, a narrow Pass leading from the Highlands of Central Asia directly to the Central Chinese Plains. At JiaYu Guan, JiaYu Pass, the Great Wall of China was built across the narrowest point of the Hexi Corridor, with a steep and impassable river Gorge demarcating the Defenses in The South, the Fortress in the Middle and then in the North, the Overhanging or Extended Arm Great Wall of China. At the Site of the Overhanging Great Wall a Small Bastion used to block the Path of advance where a small Pass gives access to the Central Valley from  the North and
A First view of the Fortress after arriving ath the large and spacious front area which includes ample parking space and a Chinese Garden or Park.
Hei Shan, the Black Mountain.
In its Time it was on of the largest Defensive Fortresses in the Chinese Empire, a Big Stop Plug built in the middle of an otherwise dangerous and wide open Gap in the Lengthy Defensive Works of the Northern Border, and lands from which for a 1000 Years already roving Nomadic Tribes had descended upon
Officially the JiaYuGuan Fortress Park is known as the JiaYuGuan Great Wall Culture and Tourism Zone. The Whole site has been professionally organized as a site of Mass Tourism.
The Chinese to Plague their Nation with Pillage, Rape and Murder. In Effect, all the Hopes of the Nation were upon the shoulders of the Men of
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A View of the considerable space of the JiaYuGuan Scenic Spot Parking Lot with beyond the Fortress strategically placed on its Hill.
JiaYuGuan Garrison. Famous in history from Poetry and Song, the Fortress of JiaYuGuan is therefor World Famous and of significant historical and cultural importance.

In the Past JiaYuGuan City and the Fortress were remote places in the a huge Country which had few visitors. It was a
Advertisements for other Scenes Sights to visit in the vicinity of JiaYuGuan City. Much praised are the nearby Sections of the Great Wall of China as well as the much less known Wei- and Jin-Dynasty Era Tombs.
12 Hour train drive out of Lanzhou, The Capital of the Province more to the East and South. Recently however, with the growing international connections of China, a huge boom in international and internal tourism between 2002 and 2008 AD and modernized highway and railway system, as well as a brandnew airport connecting to the City, Tourism in JiaYuGuan has been steadily on the
Map giving a First Orientation from the Start of your Visit at the Parking & Arrival Space. JiaYuGuan has completely up to date modern facilities, Toilets for the Handicapped and English language signs.
increase. During the Tourist Season, busses with tourists arriving from Turpan via Dunhuang as well as from Lanzhou regularly offload at the Parking Space.
Declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in the 1987 AD, today's JiaYuGuan Fortress is
View of the Great Wall of China stretching across the Desert Floor of the JiaYu Pass from Taolai River Gorge to the Fortress of JiaYuGuan (Photo November 2007 AD).
mainly a gigantic cultural Park and Tourist Attraction. JiaYuGuan is increasingly Hot !
Go there off-season and enjoy the quiet and athmosphere of a proper visit with view others around.
Welcome to China Report's Digital Introduction to the JiaYuGuan Fortress UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and attached recreational Park in JiaYuGuan City, Western Gansu Province of China.
During the Ming Dynasty Era (1368 AD - 1644 AD), the Fortress was the Home of the Western-most Garrison stationed on the Great Wall of China and the last Bulwark of Chinese Civilization. Beyond JiaYuGuan's protective Walls lay essentially the nothing, there were no more Chinese but only Barbarian lands and the much traveled but always perilous paths of the Silk Road.
Directions to JiaYuGuan Fortress Scenic Spot

The Fortress of JiaYuGuan is located roughly some Five Miles or 7 Kilometers, due North and West out of the Center of JiaYuGuan City.
To get there either hire your own personal Taxi Cab for a complete tour of all the Sights of JiaYuGuan. No doubt there is a Bus Line passing the JiaYuGuan Fortress Scenic Spot as well.
In theory one can rent a bicycle to get out there under your own power however the large vehicles of the
The Main Boulevard leading Visitors Past the Park of Hi Shen up to Ticket Office and Main Gate of the Scenic Site.
industrial type traffic abundant on the Road in and outside of the City, as well as the harsh desert climate make this dangerous and non-advisable.
Rent a Taxi for a Day to get around safest and most Comfortable while visiting the scenic spots of JiaYuGuan. They can be seen on one day, in which case one can plan a visit to the Fortress as the main event.
After getting your bearings and enjoying the view of the far Fortress from the Parking Lot, move up the main entrance boulevard to reach the entrance to the small but soothing Park and Garden dedicated to the architect of the original Fortress, one Hi Shen.
Plaquettes at the Garden Park Entrance describing the Legend of the creation of the Fortress and proclaiming the feats of His Shen.
The Fortress of JiaYuGuan was first constructed in 1372 AD of the early Years of the Ming Dynasty. It was known as the "Most Magnificent Pass under Heaven" by reason of its strategic location, the "End Lock in Connection" by virtue of its end position on the Great Wall of China in the West and as "The Impenetrable Fortress under Heaven" for its grandiose Fortress and Citadel that had never been defeated.
Read More on History, Legends and Layout of the Fortress on the Next Page of this Report !
Next Up after enjoying the Park and the Legend of Hi Shen and his Fortress one can go to the Visitors Centre for more information, a Tour Guide or Books, Posters and Postcards of the Fortress Site.
At the South End of the Parking Lot is a small Village where native Culture is Celebrated for Visiting Tourists.
Local Chinese Women loiter about in front of the Local Culture Celebration Village. Basicly however, there most locals are Han Chinese and there is not much Culture to be tasted at the Ville.
Ethnic Minorities in Gansu Province are the Tibetans, the Salar, the Dongxiang, the Bonan and the Yugurs (not Uygurs!),the Mongolians and The Hui. Unfortunatly however, JiaYuGuan City is built around its Steel Mill and lately the City is not known for its Ethnic Minorities but for its Han immigrants. Near the twin City of JiaYuGuan, JiYuGuan live some small pockets of the Yugur Ethnic Minority but otherwise there are none in the Area. Most cultural employees therefor are Native Han and the Cultural Village is not one of the Treasures of the Park but disappointment.
For the Best Experience during your Visit avoid the Tourist Market Fair as well as it is one of those elements that can quickly turn a pleasurable visit
The Large Space reserved for the Kitch Items Market that awaits every lucky tourist visitor the Fortress Scenic Park.
person, go around The Fortress by Guided Tour
for the Full Experience, or at the very least, bring your own guidebook and or background materials with information on the Fortress. Buy them last Minute at the Tourist Information or a Gift Shop ! After paying for your Ticket and heading inside it is quite a hike up to the Fortress There are several other area's to enjoy as well. Next Part of the Tour is the Spring Lake Recreational Area which is located due South and West of the JiaYu Hill on Top of which stands the Fortress.
From the Lake, take one of the convenient electrical trolleys or walk up North along the Lake Shore and a neatly paved road  to the Sleuce Gate giving access to the Fortress itself.
The Museum of the Great Wall of China at JiaYu Pass, formerly the City Museum, has been relocated to the Park as well and can be seen from the Sleuce Gate, from which it is still some distance walking to either the Museum of to the Fortress Walls and Buildings. All in all the JiaYuGuan Fortress Scenic Park covers quite a Large Surface Area. Go inside the Gate and Click through to Explore all of it from behind your Computer !
Overview of the Shops, Ticket Office and Main Entrance of the Actual Fortress Park.
Poster depicting an idealised View of the JiaYuGuan Fortress Scenic Spot site as it should be during High Season.The lack of water in JiaYuGuan however clearly restricts ambitions.
The Impressive Entrance Gate of JiaYuGuan Fortress Scenic Spot site boasting the UNESCO World Heritage Logo. Trolleys await for visitors to drive to the Fortress.

View - Mastermap of Asia (entire). in a larger map
A Full Google Earth Supported Map of JiaYuGuan Fortress by
The China Report introduced on Levels of its Online Publishing's in April of 2009, including The Great Wall of China.

Adjacent Map gives direct access to Jiayuguan Fortress Map by Google.
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A Full Google Earth Supported Map Overview of All Structures of the Great Wall of China from East to West, by DrBen.Net (c) and
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