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Badaling - JuYongGuan Pass Site Map
JiYongGuan Pass - Badaling Great Wall of China
Map o/t Ming Tombs Valley
Map o/t YiHeYuan - Summer Palace & Park Map !!
Temple o/t Azure Clouds
Map Beijing (Beiping) and Region in 1875 AD
Designates Great Wall of China Location.
Summer Palace Park - YiHeYuan
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Designates Temple, Mosque, Tomb or Religious Site.
Hsi Tan Chi ChÁng - Market
Chinese Imperial Park or Palace
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Nankou - Great Wall of China, Yanqing County, Beijing City Province. (Inner Layer) Pass at
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PaiYangCheng - Great Wall of China (Inner Layer)
Tongzhou District
To Beijing Historic Maps - Index
To Beijing Historic Maps - Index
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Dong Si - Eastern Mosque - Largest & Main Mosque in Beijing
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Old Summer Palace (Ruins) Park - YuanMing Yuan
Temple o/t Reclining Buddha
Xizhimen (City Gate) - Beijing North Station
WanPing Walled Village
Lugou Qiao - Marco Polo Bridge
Sshisan Ling - 13 Ming Dynasty Tombs
ChangLing - Tomb Emperor Yongle
DingLing - Tomb ???
KangLing - Tomb ???
Badaling Village & Wild Animal Park
Shunyi District
Shijingshan District
Mentuogou District
Fangshan District
Hairou District
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Ming Tombs
Grand Canal
Grand Canal
Mentugou Village
Fengtai Village
Pei Hui Si - No Information
San Pei Tsi - No Information
BaiYunGuan - Taoist Temple o/t White Clouds
TianNing Si - Temple Pagoda of Heavenly Peace (Buddhist)
Russian Church
Lao Ye Miao - Temple of ??
Tung Kung An - Temple or Church
Huang Kung Tsi - No Information
Lung Tien Tsi - No Informtion
Wen Tsuan - No Information
Sidar Hui Tse - No Information
Dong Yue Miao
Ritan - Altar of the Sun
Imperial Palace of Huang Xin Yuan
Liu Ti Ku' - Imperial Seals Production
Imperial Palace - "Gugong" - Forbidden City
Tsao Tze Yang (ChaoYang) Village
Former Beijing Horse Racing Track - now Workers Stadium (Chaoyang, BJ)
Cheng Fu-Tze - Former French Cemetary - Tomb of Mattheo Ricci
Fragrant Hills Park & Temple o/t Reclining Buddha (Wofo Si)
BiYun Si & Tian Yi Yuan - Temple Azure Clouds (& Beijing Botanical Gardens
Tsing Ming Yuan - No Information
Nankou - Great Wall of China (Inner Layer) Pass
Shan Guan Fortress
JuYongGuan Pass - Badaling JiYongGuan Garisson Fortress
Tiantan Park and Area Map
AndingMen (City Gate) - Beijing North Station
DeshengMen (City Gate) - Beijing North Station
Chang Ping Chou (Village) - Today: Changping, Changping District, 6 Outer Suburbs, Beijing City Province.
Badaling Pass of the Great Wall  - Today: Badaling Great Wall tourist zone, Yanqing County, Beijing City Province.
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