XiCheng District
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Go Around to Beihai North Shore & it's Magnificent Temples !
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Visit the Southern Cathedral at XuanwuMen
Nan Tang - South Cathedral
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The XiCheng District
On the corner at XuanwuMen, South Cathedral is the largest oldest Cathedral in Beijing. Once the base of the 16Th century Jesuits at the Ming Court ...

Coming Soon !
XiCheng is a District , now part of the ...
Qian Hai & Lotus Lane
Click to for an Introduction to Qian Hai Lake & Lotus Lane
Hidden away behind and North of Bei Hai Park, Imperial Pleasure Garden and World Heritage site, the Lakes of Beijing continue with Qian Hai and Hou Hai Lake. Part of the Ancient Main Watersource of Beijing, Qian Hai waters come from HouHai and continue through Bei Hai to the Imperial Palace Golden River. Nowadays Qian Hai is an easy parklike space surrounded by original Hutong and decorated by the Drum Tower. Once a favoured place for Beijing Men to take their Love for a Boat Ride under Moonlight, lately Qian Hai offers a growing number of small Bars & Cafe's that cater to modern needs. Come to Qian Hai on a Hot Summer's Eve to relax and Enjoy the splendid City or go for a stroll along it's shore !
National Theatre Dome
China and Beijing's number one podium bringing you the absolute best and finest in both Chinese- and Western style classical music. Now under construction for the 2008 Olympics and re-dubbed National Theatre this Jewel of the city is without comparison in all aspects. A unique chance to see some of the best virtuosos live in concert. One of the architectural landmarks of the New Beijing, right in the Center at Chang An Avenue. Visit The Beijing Concert Hall when opened !
Temple of Great Charity Past Ages
Beihai Park - Jade Island Map
Jingshan Park Map
TiananMen Square Area Map
QianMen Area Map
Beijing Zoo
Beijjing Planetarium
Bell Tower
Drum Tower
Silver Ingot Bridge
Qian Hai and Lotus Lane
BeiHai Park - North Gate
Beihai Park - South Gate
Jingshan Park
Palace Museum (Forbidden City)
Gate of New China (Xinhua)
National Theatre Dome
Zheng Yici Opera Theatre
South Cathedral - Nan Tang
Monastry of the White Clouds
TianNing Temple
Dashilan Street
Bao Guo Temple
Niu Jie Libai Si - Ox Street Mosque
Beijing Police Museum
Xinhua Men - Gate of New China
Click to for an Introduction to Zhongnanhai
West of TiananMen on Chang An Avenue the Gate of New China is the south gate to ZhongNanHai, a former Imperial Garden and Lake, now home to the Leadership of China and it's Communist Party. Full Introduction coming Soon !
A Small Bridge surrounded by Hutong, Waters and Bell- and Drum-Towers
Jin Ding - Silver Ingot Bridge
Just South-West of Bell- and Drum-Tower Jin Ding Bridge is surrounded by charming XiCheng Hutong and two magnificient Lakes. Part of Imperial Beijing's ancient watersource, the water flows from Beijing's western Mountains, through Hou Hai, underneath Silver Ingot Bridge, and continues via Qian Hai and Bei Hai into the Forbidden City Golden River. Don't miss out on Jin Ding Bridge on your walk or drive around the Northern Lakes.
Beihai Park & Yong An Temple :
Welcome to Beihai Park - An extensive 1st Introduction
Includes Sound Bonus
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Beijing Cities' Largest and Perhaps most Beautiful Park - Beihai or North Lake. Located North of the Imperial Palace Museum this former Imperial Pleasure Garden is home to evergreen Jade Island, the Yong An Imperial Buddhist Temple Complex and much more.
Discover World Heritage Site BeiHai Park through 1000's of Photos leading you past most interesting sights, through the Park, over Jade island, through Temples all the way to Bai Ta- the Fabled White Dagoba with the protector God of Beijing. Explore the North Shores of the Lake in More Additions Soon !
Includes Sound Bonus
Go to Satellite View of of Zhong Hai and Nan Hai Lakes - Not open to The Public !!
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Soong Ching Ling Former Residence Museum
Click to for an Introduction to Madame Sun Yat Sen's Former Home
A Full Report and much information on both the Former Residence and Madame Soong Ching Ling coming soon !
Mei LanFang Home south-west of Houhai Lake in the Hutong
Mei LanFang Former Residence
The white Dagoba Temple of XiCheng District is not the same as BeiHai's White Dagoba. Mind you, it is a completely different Temple...
DeshengMen :
A Photo-Tour of Deshengmen coming Soon !
On the very north-western most point in the XiCheng district stands the old city gate of De Sheng Men. Located on the 3rd ring road and the border of Haidian Suburban District DeshengMen is a massive stand alone relic of the Ancient City Walls, with inside the Beijing East Modern Art Gallery. Get an impression of the lone gate and landmark here soon !
Mei Lanfang Former Residence & Museum
Miao Ying White Dagoba Temple
Have a look around White Dagoba MiaoYing Temple at FuchengMen Nei Dajie'
Miao Ying White Dagoba Temple
Northern Church - XiShiKu Church
The Former Home of The Beijing Diocese - Convent St. Joseph
The Northern Church of Beijing, originally the Western Cathedral of the Beijing Jesuits. The Oldest Church flock in Beijing and untill 1949 AD Home of the Beijing Diocese.
Originally located inside what is now ZhongNanhai, the Church moved to XiShiKu and became the Northern Church. Visit inside the reclusive but green grounds, take part in a mass, or find your way to the St. Joseph Convent.
Northern Cathedral (Jesuits)
Temple o/t Emperors of the Past Ages
China Geological Museum
Prince Gong's Palace
DeshengMen (Gate)
FuXing Men - Former City Gate
FuXingMen :
A Photo-Introduction to FuxingMen
Former City Gate. More information Soon !
Temple of the Emperors of the Past Ages
Click to for an Introduction to the Temple of the Emeprors of China's Mighty History
A Full Report and much information on both the Temple of the Emperors of the Past Ages coming soon !
Beijing's Huge New National Theatre in 2004 !
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Beihai North Shore includes the 2nd 9 Dragon Screen in Beijing and Beihai's other Imperial Temple - Chan Fu Si. Chan Fu Si truely is one of the Most Impressive Imperial remnants in Beijing. Browse around the many other Halls, western Heaven and visit the Emperors JingQin Studios near the North Gate.
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XinhuaMen, the Gate of New China and main entrance to the Political Leadership Residence of China, Zhongnanhai.
Go to Satellite View of of Zhong Hai and Nan Hai Lakes - Not open to The Public !!
A unique view into China's Secluded Leadership compound "ZhongNanHai" - a former Imperial Garden directly connected to Beihai. The former Prison of Emperor Guanxu,  since early 1949 the residence of the Political
Headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party Leadership.
Li Dazhao was a writer of the..
Li Dazhao Residence
Click to for an Introduction to TianNing Temple
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Li Dazhao Former Residence
White Cloud Temple - BaiYunGuan
White Cloud Temple & Taoist College a Digital Tour
Located in the somewhat remote South Western XiCheng district the BaiYunGuan is home to the China Taoist College. As such it is offers an everlasting and interesting experience of Taoist Temples, Monks, rituals , Deities and flying incense smoke. This Taoist realm certainly lives up to it's popular name as The White Cloud Pagoda. The Temple is popular with Tourist and native Beijing Chinese alike and draws the largest crowds during the Chinese New Year or `Spring Festival`. When you visit BaiYung Guan, don't miss out on your chance to strike the luck bell !
Ministry of Public Health
Soong Ching Ling Former Home
GuangHua Temple
GuangHua Temple
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Click to for an Introduction to TianNing Temple
Li Dazhao was a writer of the..
ShichaHai Traditional Street
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ShiChaHai Traditional (Hutong and Bar) Street
Temple of Great Charity
Click to for an Introduction to Small GuangJi Si'
A Full Report and short introduction to GuangJi Si - the Temple of Great Charity across from the Geological Museum of China.
Guo Moro Former Residence
Guo Moro Residence Museum.
Click to for an Introduction to the Palace of Prince Gong
Qian Hai Lake - Eastern Shore Promenade
Click Map to go to Full Version !!
Map of the popular ShichaHai (3 Lakes) area of Beijing Old City.
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Prince Gong's Palace & Garden
Prince Gong Residence
Click to for an Introduction to the Palace of Prince Gong
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China Geological Museum
Beijing Planetarium
Lu Xun Former Residence
Rendinghu Park
Xidan Shopping Zone
Xidan Shopping Zone
Nowadays one has not seen the Xicheng District without having at least a browse and a walk through of the ultra-modern Xidan Shopping Zone. It is the home of the Grand International Brands and their Flagship stores. Or at least, one of those in Beijing. So, be on your way to the Galleries Lafayette, the Apple Flag Ship store and a multitude of super impressive but ususally rather soul less stores. Experience the Stampede when a new store opens.
Xu Beihong Memorial Hall
Zhengyuan Mosque
Guanyuan Park
Zhengyuan Mosque & Pu Yi Former Residence at Dongyuanting Hutong
Bao An Temple
Continental Bank
National Peoples Congress Office Bld.
Numismatic Museum
This page was last updated on: June 7, 2017
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