Last, but not least, the outlying area's of larger Beijing City Province and Rural Beijing offer the tourist and traveller a variety of excursions, including some of the main attractions of the City. First and foremost, Chang Cheng - or, the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China can be visited at several sites outside the City, the main locations being Badaling (closest), Mutianyu,
JinshanLing and Simatai Great Wall. Another Magnificent Monument is the huge
Ming Tomb Valley, very close to Badaling. Further historic sites include the eastern
and western Qing Dynasty Tombs, far away Great Wall at Yellow Cliff (near Tianjin
Municipality Border), the dilapidated Peking Man site in the far south and of course the
                                              ever popular Western Hills, once the place for
                                             romantic outings of bourgeois westerners. There is further
                                             an abundance of historic temples and towers to be explored
                                             around the Province. Beyond, in Hebei Province and neighboring
                                             Province there is even more. Chengde, the Imperial Summer
                                             Mountain Retreat, the Yungang Caves near Datong (Shanxi), and no
                                             less than two Holy Mountains - the Wutai Shan and its magnificent
                                             monasteries of North-Shanxi and the TangShan, Holy Mountain in
                                             Liaoning Province.
                                             All in all Beijing is a City in Exciting Turmoil. Beijing City and the
                                             City Province are prospering as never before in recent History !
                                             To help you orientate yourself on your desired Beijing District
                                             and understand its relations to adjacent parts othe City the
                                                                                                 Beijing Report presents for
                                                                                                 your convenience Beijing
                                                                                                 Landmarks, Monuments and Hot-                                                                                                          Spots by District, by Function
                                                                                                 and in Alphabetical Order.
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- Beijing by District , an Introduction to the City of Beijing  -
Beijing as an Ancient City nowadays is rapidly changing. What was once an easily comprehended lay-out, with a central Old City and most monuments and places of interest within, North-South with a Central Axis according to Feng Shui requirements , has recently become the larger mea-metropolis of Beijing. With Old Districts reorganized and changing with economical functions, and the Cities enlargement progressing, it is hard to keep an overview of all activities throughout the City. The situation in which all Main Events and Sites were found mainly in the inner Districts is Fast dissolving. With the appearance of more and more private cars in Beijing, the opening of a 5Th Ring Road, the approaching 2008 Beijing Olympics and a scheduled City Modernization plan ready in 2010, more and more importance is claimed by the other City Districts. Here follow some General Directions on the New City of Beijing.
On this website Beijing City is divided into Tiananmen Square (Square of Heavenly Peace), the Forbidden City (Palace Museum), 6 Inner Districts of Chaoyang, Chongwen, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian and Xuanwu, 6 Outer Suburbs, Shijingshan District and Four Rural Districts with the Great Wall of China locations.
Landmarks, Monuments & Hotspots
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ChaoYang District Map, Information and Landmarks
Dongcheng District Map,Information and Landmarks
Xuanwu District Map,Information and Landmarks
Fengtai District Map,Information and Landmarks
TiananMen Square Map,Information and Landmarks
All Excursions to Landmarks outside Beijing, Maps and Information,Reports
A Short Introduction and backgrounds to each Beijing City District with Menus accessing each Landmark, Monument or Hot-spot Photo-Report, Maps and Sources.
ChongWen District Map,Information and Landmarks
Haidian District Map,Information and Landmarks
MicroMap of Central Beijing City Districts of Chongwen , DongCheng , Xi Cheng and Xuanwu with the Ancient Imperial City in the middle.
Enclosing these districts the newer and often larger outlying districts of HaiDian , ChaoYang and Fengtai. The outlying Districts , once drab suburban or industrial areas are now growing more important in all aspects and are rapidly changing and modernising. Thus becoming an integral part of the new City of Beijing with all its Functions.
Read about modernisations in Fengtai and the reconstruction and revitalization of the South. Find more and more new Venues , Hotels and Fairs in the ChaoYang Business Districts. And much More.
Read the Title Text on each District Page to find out our Latest Information on the New Developments in that District. Study the Color Maps making each district easily recognizable.
Use the Menu's to get a quick overview of All Attractions, Theaters, Monuments, Parks and
more Facilities within each District.
Read each Report to make a Photo-Graphic Walk-through of the site of your choice , with explanatory text, find additional information such as Directions to, Maps, Historical Backgrounds, up to date Tourist Information and a Collection of links to Sources with additional or new information on your subject.
In addition there are a variety of Maps of Beijing in varying detail for help in navigation, and a number of Hotel-Tips or Other Product-Tips to Help you enhance your China Experience ,
either at Home behind the computer, or when traveling to Beijing and visiting.
Click MicroMap to See Larger Version.
Airport Expressway
2nd Ring Road
3Rd Ring Road
4Th Ring Road
XiCheng District Map,Information and Landmarks
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Click to View Satellite Image of Greater Beijing Area
A Satellite Image overview of Beijing City and Northern Beijing City Province, featuring Capital Airport, Ming Tombs, Badaling and other Sites of Interest in the outlying Province.
The Great Wall of China at JinShanLing near Beijing.
Find the world-famous TiananMen Square Central to the Entire City and navigate
from here. Off the North-End, to East and West, Chang An (Eternal Peace) Avenue
the central city Boulevard famous from the Red Army Review Parades leads away
from TiananMen Square. To The East lies the New National Theatre Dome in
Central XiCheng District adjacent monumental Great Hall of The Peoples at
TiananMen Square. Beyond lie the Gate of New China, south entrance to the large
and exclusive ZhongnanHai Communist Party Leadership compound and the rest of
XiCheng District.
North of TiananMen Square, beyond the Gate of Heavenly Peace (TiananMen) one
finds oneself inside The Purple Forbidden City. Once the secretive Imperial Palace
of Emperors, today the entire "Forbidden City" , the Palace Museum can still be
counted as a City District within itself. To the West from TiananMen Square lie
Wanfujing Shopping Street and Oriental Plaza, The Malls. These are the newest
and most modern parts of the Old Dongcheng District, in the past the district most
closely related to the Imperial Palace machinery and thus renowned for its former
Imperial Mansions, Pleasure Gardens, Lakes and the Like. Although rapidly modernizing and widening up roads, the Dongcheng District is still the location of many of the Cities famed Hutong. Find your way around Jingshan, Beihai, Qianhai and the Houhai Area, or near Bell- and Drum- Towers and taste the Athmosphere.
ChaoYang District in the Far East beyond the former city walls (now 2nd Ring Road), is the business district that is still expanding its powers and attractions, becoming more modern each year. In 2010 Chaoyang will be home to a completely new CBD or Central Business District. In Tune with the Olympic Architecture and the New Capital Airport facilities this completely renewed and reborn District will be home to some of the most flashy and impressive architecture in the World, featuring among things the new China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters Building. To top it off, ChaoYang gained much better connections with a new and extended subway line and Adjacent the old one a Third Diplomatic Zone has opened. There are some other attractions to ChaoYang too. Its home to two magnificent temples and much more recently has grown its own Art District. Find the Factory 798, a former military electronics factory  at the heart of this in the North-Western Dashanzi (Art District) Section of ChaoYang.
Haidian, the North-Western outlying District is coming into Play. Haidian, before far off and only home to the old en new Summer Palaces and the famed Beijing Zoo, has now been connected to the Subway System by a newly built yellow Line. More modernizations of the district are underway and there are plenty of modern appartments and office buildings. Oddly, between these farmlands still exist, even in Beijing ! The Haidian District, now unlocked, will play the Central Role in the sports events at 2008 Olympics and is home to most new stadiums and facilities.
Also located in Haidian District are Xinhua University and Beijing University, two of the highest such institutes in the country.
Chongwen and Xuanwu are districts home to many luxury appartments and estates for the newly succesful inhibatants, but also home to many protected ancient and pure Hutong. Xuanwu is the oldest and most ancient district of the City, dating to the rebuild of the City after Genghis Khan leveled it in the 13Th Century. The Xuanwu District is the most ethnically diverse district of Beijing City and its (Hui) Muslim Village is a direct remnant of the Silk Road. Due to its humble and diverse origings, the Xuanwu District historically is home to most (Old) Theaters. Some of the most famous performances in Chinese History were given here.
The Chongwen District, originally not part of the Imperial City proper, is mainly known for its Temple of Heaven UNESCO Wold Heritage Site at the large and green Tiantan Park, a pleasant city getaway for many. Once the Holiest Shrine in China entire, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests used to be the Center of the Chinese Universe, and ls similar in architectural significance to the Ming Dynasty Tombs outside Beijing. The entire Park is a unique monument of early Ming Dynasty Daoist-architecture. Only later included into the city with an outside defensive wall arching around both the Chongwen- and Xuanwu- District, it is Chongwen District that reflects this history the most. Not many large historic sites are to be found. Taoranting Park is another place to escape the summer heat. Find Beijing Amusement Park in the far South-East corner and enjoy some fun !
Don't forget nearby Hong Qiao, the pearl and silk-market of course. Its East of the Tiantan Park North Gate !
In the far South and South-West, lies the rather drab and so far uninteresting Fengtai District. The Fengtai District is home to the Military Academy, the massive Beijing Western Railway Station and even further away, the famed Marco Polo Bridge. Once a village East and outside of the City Walls and across the river, the Fengtai District and beyond will be a Manifacturing and Sales Area, the consumer outlet for the New City.
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Birds eye view of the Chongwen District clearly depicting TiananMen Square in the North-West Corner and the large Tiantan Park with the Temple of Heaven in the South of Chongwen. Some large Hutong area's in this year 2000 AD image have since disappeared.
TiananMen Square - Centre City
Overview Hebei Province, Tianjin- and Beijing City Provinces
Hebei Province Map with Beijing Municpality, Tianjin Mumicipality, an overview of North-East China's Hebei Province entire, delineating Provincial Borders and parts of neighboring Shanxi-, LiaoNing- and Shandong Provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions. Includes Cities and Towns, Monuments, Mountains, major highways and waterways, Airports and links to furher information on Cities and Monuments.
Head away from the Center to the Suburbs !!
Broswe Rural Beijing & The Great Wall Locations !!
The Outlying Suburb of Shijingshan ...
This Schematic Map depicts Beijing City Province and the Pathway of the Great Wall of China in Beijing City Province (Municipality).
Overview Beijing City Province and Browse ALL Locations of The Great Wall visitable within Beijing City Province and Immediate Vicinity.
Find the Great Wall at Yellow Cliff (HuangYaGuan), JiangJun Guan, Simatai, Jinshanling, Gubeikou, White Horse Pass (Bai Ma Guan), Beishicheng, Mutianyu, Jiankou, DaZhenyu, Huanghuacheng, XishuiYu, Juyong Guan Pass and Fortress and finally Badaling. Follow the Links for More Information on Each Individual Site and on How to Get There.
Click Map to go to FULL Version !!
Miyun City
Huairou City
ChangPing Village
Mentougou Village
Fangshan Village
Yangqing Village
Yangqing District
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ChaoYang District Map, Information and Landmarks
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